Welcome new parents and childbirth professionals. Whether your path is that of parenting here in the Black Hills or the climb of becoming a certified doula or childbirth educator, BirthBasics is committed to supporting you in the journey.

client testimonials

"Dear Vonda, Thank you for your wonderful teaching and words of wisdom this past week. I was so encouraged by all of the women there. This trip was a definite turning point in my life. I’ll be sure to keep you updated! God bless you."


Virginia PCBE Workshop

"...I really thought I already had a pretty good grasp on everything concerning the birthing process... but after attending Vonda’s class, I realized how much I hadn’t known! I’ve attended a variety of childbirth classes and none of them compare to what Vonda offers. Thank you Vonda for offering such an informative, fun class!!"


"JM International Birth Consultants highly endorses Vonda Gates as an Approved ICEA Trainer. Her gift of teaching is evident in her outstanding workshops!"

Marilyn Hildreth, CEO

JM International Birth Consultants